Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's 1.41 a.m on a working Tuesday.

Its been 3 years since I last posted on my blog and guess what, I'm back to blogging again!!!

Well, all the while i know that long distance relationship is tough to manage and I BELIEVE that
i was able to handle it well (at least for 1.5 years to date). But if she is not the one you used to love
anymore, would it be worth to continue waiting for a bird that don't know how to land?

I still remember deeply in my heart how sweet she was and how lovely we can be before she left me.
She promised to come back after 6 months.

I waited....

After 6 months, she promised again will come back in years time.

I waited...

And now, she promised to come back without a specific time frame...

I still continue to wait...

Every night I have waited for your call and allocate the specific time slot for her. Sometimes she will be
early and sometimes she will be late.

I waited.

Sometimes she might not even call. But she did not inform me that she have things to do...

The naive part of me still waited for her call until late night.

I tried to do my best for both of us.

But when you are not the one I used to love, is it worth while to continue waiting for you. I know you're
tired but so do I.

The clock is ticking and I can't see our future. I heard the melody again...

1.55 a.m.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Different Identity, Same Xmas~

Seriously, how come by any chance, I'm still staying inside my room now...
Facing my 3yrs old laptop...
Both my parents are asleep b4 the clock ticks to 10...
My little bro has grown up....
He is celebrating this day with his friends,
Of coz, they're not lonely...
Thousands are accompanying them by honing and shouting in the chaotic jam~
If you're under 12, make sure u censored the 4 letters word....

I'm wondering now, does it make any difference in X'mas if you in a relationship or remain single?
Almost exactly a year ago,
I'm single, facing this problems too
A lonely X'mas...
How lonely?
Imagine if u can listen to ur next door TV programme and mosquito flying around....
That's quite sad...

3 out of 4 in my gang are with their another half nw~
Even Mr. Single Tha abandoned me~
Not a single friend invite me out this year...
I wondered what happened...

I really want to drive to Ipoh and find my gf nw~
But she has outing with her family...
So it's better for me to stay home...ALONE...
Anyway, having a slight headache...

Blue Eve....
Working X'mas~
Need to work tml w/o double payment~

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 5- Expiry Day

To all my friend out there,
I'm going to leave the world very soon.

I just found out that i have a birth on my right hand.
It stated that i will expired on Jan 11,
which means that i left another 1month in this world.
But at least God gave me the chance to meet you all...
I have no regrets.
So long my friends...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day-4 Slacking Day

It's Saturday today and we need to work...T.T
Seriously i don't like to work and moreover i don't like to work on Sat!!!
But no choice, even it's Sat, we need to be cheap labor for the sake of our future...


But today is an exception...
This is the day without our Supervisor Adi and Ms.Chong and we are free to do whatever we wanted...

But of course we fully utilize the time to rest our body for later night activities.
On this day, we just do some product inspection and do our report.
Particularly a relaxing day~

The only disappointment of the day is i took a wrong turn and ended up in Duta toll instead of Sg. Buloh toll which costs me 30minutes of precious time.
Thank to that BLOODY Lorry that i FAILED to overtake it...
I admit my failure and DEFEAT this time...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day-3 Injection day!

After a hectic and energy consuming day 1, all return to normal now...

Seriously, human is a very weird creature...
When you have work to do, you'll complain...
When you don't have work to do, you'll complain too...

What kind of world is this?
Anyhow, after i mistakely lied to my supervisor that i took typhoid injection during the day 1, i was asked to take it today along with my buddy, CS,
I really have no intention de...
At first i thought that the injection i took during my study week was typhoid, but it ended up as tetanus.

I wondered why food handler need to take so many injection.
Food handlers aren't food thought it starts with "food"
We no need so many "additive" and "ingredient"
And the worst part is...
I don't even know what the purpose of the injection i was having...
At least i took some initiative to search the meaning in wikipedia.

"Typhoid fever is a serious disease that can cause death. It is caused by a germ called Salmonella typhi and is spread most often through infected food or water. Typhoid may also be spread by close person-to-person contact with infected persons (such as occurs with per
sons living in the same household). Some infected persons do not appear to be sick, but they can still spread the germ to others" (annoymous,xxxx)

Basically it said that this disease transferred through feces...LOL
At least i learnt something today,
Anyway, this injection numbs my shoulder for few hours,
it's stronger than Tetanus..o.0

Cs said it's due to the 90 degree penetration through our hand rather than 45degree..
What a gread doctor,
He actually tried to scatter my attention by talking to me.
And he managed to did it!
This is his clinic...
Actually i think part of his reason is because he used to inject for Nepalese and perhaps Nepalese don't feel much pain...
Think twice before u go to this clinic.
At least it's free...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2nd Day

After a exhausting first day, I had a boring second day.

I know that my job is boring but i don't know that it so boring to the extend that i can fall asleep when i was inspecting the product ( in standing mode)

This is a new experience for me, I experience many fall asleep before like:-

half asleep during driving
playing dota
having phone conversation
having examination
having lecture in class and
doing experiment in lab

I have developed a new formula to do my work today too. In every hr, my job consists of
doing report (10min for every 30min), goin to toilet (5min), chatting and slacking (15min); and inspecting product (20min).

That's how every hrs is spent during a day. A boring life that need to last for 6months
My supervisor, Eddy did promised me that i'll have a different working routine next week
But who knows...
I need to find more time to slack...
I need to fully utilize my creativity in any circumstances...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Day

I guessed i had the best first day internship experiences compared to most of my friends....
I think i shall start it from the the time i wake up.

Well, as usual, i waked up at 6am and finish preparing myself at 645.
Cs reached my home at 7 and we went together.
Since school is still having holidays, NKVE is no
t having much traffic jam and we managed to sneak into our main entrance by 730.
We waited for 1hrs to be arranged to see our supervisor, Ms. Chong aka ass. QA manager. But before this, one very good question came across my mind.
"Everyone do the same routine day in day out. How do you perform yourself above others if you're asked to do the same routine everyday?"

I really think how to get promotion from the moment i stepped into the main entrance.
I don't want to wait until my supervisor,manager or head department transferred or retired only then i have the chance to go for a higher post.

Clock ticked sharp at 103o, we are brought to walk around the factory by Eddy, a good supervisor under a mean QC assistant. I was
asked to stay in the production line while Cs do her works in QC room. I guessed guys should be more suited with machine and processing anyway.

Things changed soon after...
R&D called me to the office.
Without much hesitation, i accepted the offer to follow them out.
I'm very curious to go.
It's one of very rare chances that i can go out from the factory.

A silver colored Myvi waiting me outside the factory.
Stephanie is the name for the driver.
Along the journey to Rawang, she shared alot of interesting experience with me.
And of course, the main reason for outing that day.

Finally, after 40min of driving, I reached the land of cocoa.
The Cocoaland!!!
Soon after we begin our journey...
Act as an human shaker, our mission is to shake every bottle of suspected drinks and
scan throught it with our unaided eyes.
Of course, I, went there as an R&D member, need to supervise a bunch of Nepalese ppl too.
Some are picnicking there and some dating.
We not only need to teach them but to hurry them too.

And our group is joined by another MDD sales manager, Mr.Phang after the lunch.
He taught me about 4I in MDD that i must know.
4I=Integrity,Involvement, Intensity, Innovative.
But I only can think about 3H
3H=Hungry, Hurry and Hot.

Together 3 of us, work till 830pm at night. ( my very first OT in MDD)
Am i considered lucky? Three of us had our dinner with MDD brand manager.
Our dinner is the famous fish noodles in Rawang, advertised my Ho chiak before..^^
This is the first time i eat such an odd combination. But it actually not bad at all.
My very first day in Mamee,
A valuable experience that i gained this day has changed my perspective on future once again.
Mr.Phang has taught me some valuable lesson in life that I must not forget.
Ms.Stephanie too.
Next week I'll try to ask to transferred to R&D department if it's possible.