Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's 1.41 a.m on a working Tuesday.

Its been 3 years since I last posted on my blog and guess what, I'm back to blogging again!!!

Well, all the while i know that long distance relationship is tough to manage and I BELIEVE that
i was able to handle it well (at least for 1.5 years to date). But if she is not the one you used to love
anymore, would it be worth to continue waiting for a bird that don't know how to land?

I still remember deeply in my heart how sweet she was and how lovely we can be before she left me.
She promised to come back after 6 months.

I waited....

After 6 months, she promised again will come back in years time.

I waited...

And now, she promised to come back without a specific time frame...

I still continue to wait...

Every night I have waited for your call and allocate the specific time slot for her. Sometimes she will be
early and sometimes she will be late.

I waited.

Sometimes she might not even call. But she did not inform me that she have things to do...

The naive part of me still waited for her call until late night.

I tried to do my best for both of us.

But when you are not the one I used to love, is it worth while to continue waiting for you. I know you're
tired but so do I.

The clock is ticking and I can't see our future. I heard the melody again...

1.55 a.m.

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